Hi Tami and Phil,
Just wanted to let you both know that you made our girls week at Breezy Point so much fun. Dancing to your music was a blast. You two play all the great tunes that I love to hear and dance to. It was really fun the night it was slower in Dockside and we felt like we owned the place and had the dance floor almost to ourselves. And the best part was getting to actually meet you two and see what great people you are. So down to earth and fun. Thank you for the great time and I will keep an eye on your schedule to see where you are playing. I know I will see you again in Baudette, and I will try to plan our girls week next year at Breezy according to your schedule. I'd love my husband to hear you play sometime. You will have to let me know if you are playing around the St. Cloud area. If its at a wedding, we will just have to be wedding crashers. LOL You two are awesome and thanks again! Take care of that shoulder, Tami.

Tami and Phil,
Jessi and I just wanted to followup with you guys to let you know how awesome it was to have play for our wedding! We've only been married for something like 3 months, but we reminisce about the wedding a lot and you guys are always brought up! Not only that, anytime I run into someone who was at the wedding they always say, "What was the name of the band that played at your wedding? They were awesome!" These people never say, "Man Archie you were looking good" or "Man, the open bar all night was awesome!" It's always about the band! Anyway, I'm running out the door and I hope you're having a fantastic summer! Again, Thank You Greatly!
-Archie and Jessi

Just wanted to let you know that we had a lot of excellent comments on the music from Saturday night. I am sending your address to a few who are looking for a wedding band. Thank you again for being part of a very enjoyable evening.
-Bruce and Sandy

We just want you guys to know how amazing you were at our wedding this weekend. All of our guests REALLY enjoyed your music. I am so glad that we chose you for our wedding, you really made it so memorable and we can't thank you enough!!
-Staci and Eric

Phil and Tami, Thanks for a great time at Sportsman's last week, I can't think of anyone we would rather listen to than you. And thanks for the poster, it will hang up in our office. Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Hi Phil and Tammy, I am attaching the "Dancing Queens" photo.  We enjoyed your greeting card "Freebird! Freebird!"  In fact, I think we lived it.  Sad when the groom is the one doing the yelling.  :) Thanks also for letting Gary have his 15 minutes of fame, I thought that was great! As I said on Saturday night/Sunday morning, it was everything I thought it would be and wanted it to be.  You guys are great! We will look for you back at The Marina in late December.